What’s the difference between Cold Pressed Juice and regular store bought juice?

Our juices, are cold-pressed, which means that they are not heated, heat pasteurized, or chemically treated. By applying thousands of pounds of pressure, our Cold-Press juicer keeps all of the nutrients intact.

What is the shelf life of the Juice?

We are able to extend the shelf life of our juices thanks to pressure without the use of any preservatives or additives. Immediately after each production, our juice bottles are put into a pool of cold water where thousands of pounds of pressure is applied for several seconds. This process seals the freshness and keeps the concentration of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and the delicious taste of raw fruits and vegetables. Our juice then retain 30 to 45 days of shelf life depending of the flavors as long as they are sealed and refrigerated. We guarantee a minimum of 30 days when you receive your juices. The expiry date is written on the bottle.


Although our juices do not contain nuts, they are produced in a facility that uses nuts.

Why did my juice separate after some time?

To put it simply, it’s because the juice you’re drinking is made with all-natural produce. It’s always a good idea to shake your juice before consuming it. We never use any chemicals or homogenizing agents.

Refund Policy?

As our products are perishable, we are unable to offer returns on our made to order boxes. If you're not happy with products purchased on our site, please contact us at within seven days of the date your delivery was completed. We may ask for photographs or any other supporting information as evidence before providing a replacement. Depending on the circumstances, we may, in our sole discretion, replace the product at our expense.

Where do you deliver?

For the time being we are only offering delivery on the Island on Montreal. In due time will be able to cross time zones and get you Archie anywhere on the planet.