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We Get It

You want your kids to have the best possible start in life, and that starts with healthy habits and lifestyle. But kids don’t always follow our lead - no matter how many veggies we eat in front of them! And, when it comes to juice, it’s not always easy to find a healthy option, made harder by unclear labelling, understanding the impact of processing and added preservatives.

 We created Archie to help parents grow healthy adventurous eaters. We support you in your mission to give your kids the best start in life. Healthy eaters build healthy habits, caring for themselves and those around them throughout their lives.

Your Kids are the Center of your World

We’ve also put them at the heart of our mission here at Archie:

  • Kids have taste tested loads of flavour combos, and expertly selected their favourites, the top three of which are available in our shop today!
  • We produce locally here in Montreal;
  • and we’re reducing waste and sourcing in season whenever possible

We want to look after the world we have now, so our kids can continue enjoying it in the future.

Our cold pressing method slowly crushes then presses the fruit and veg, eliminating heat and reducing oxygenation from the juicing process altogether. (HPP) removes "the bad" microorganisms and enzymes, whilst sealing in the delicious taste of raw fruit and vegetables. This means Archie juice keeps all the yummy nutritious enzymes intact.


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